Thursday, July 28, 2005

Carefree sleaze and mirth …

Looking for some info about the NOPD, I found out that it doesn’t necessarily mean the New Orleans Police Department. It could be the Northern Ontario Plant Database or even Online Northern Professional Development (they gave us our bobby approval).

Today’s title comes from “MetroBlogging New Orleans," posted last month by Chris Martel.

“One of today's top stories is Eddie Compass supposedly taking the police department in a different direction. He wants more emphasis on building trust within the community and less emphasis on hassling the little guy. They admit that checkpoints, traffic stops, and shaking down random people on the street have not been effective at combating crime, and have actually served to create mistrust and tension between the police and the community.

"The "new" police force will create a bond between the community and the police and foster an environment in which people won't be afraid to step forward and help solve crimes. Along with this comes a greater focus on combating serious and violent crimes, meaning less enforcement of petty "quality of life" laws. At least that's how I understand it.

"Let's hope the NOPD can genuinely follow through with this change instead of just offering lip service. I'll certainly rest easier in knowing that the cops are not out to bust me for committing certain moving violations, and that one day we may actually see prostitutes, in broad daylight, walking Tulane Ave. Maybe a return to the glory days of carefree sleaze and mirth is ahead? Probably not, but it sure would be nice."

Anonymous brought up some good questions resulting from our last post

"What do you think about the job the police are doing? It seems the NOPD has gone from one of the more improving to one of the most ineffective under this chief and the cronies he has installed in command assignments.

"Why has the NOPD lost the respect and cooperation of a substantial portion of the population? Is it the business management they have brought to the NOPD? Or the fact that even the top commanders under this chief have been suspended numerous times for various serious infractions. . .

"How can they enforce discipline, order and effective police work when their subordinates know the commanders got their jobs through political connections and deals, despite the tarnished disciplinary record of the commanders?

"The NOPD is a mess, and Nagin blew his political support by trying to erase anything at all with Pennington's fingerprints on it, no matter how worth the reforms may have been. Unfortunately the Mayor is not what we thought we elected. He is a mediocre manager and an immature and insecure politician. Too bad, because he had the best chance to really change things in more than a generation. He instead has focused on fighting imagined enemies and other phantom adversaries, rather than fighting crime with a disciplined, accountable NOPD."

What do you think? Let us know...


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