Sunday, July 24, 2005

Be Safe …

Excerpts from two e-mails I received today:

About 12:45 on Wednesday night my daughter was followed home by a white van. The van started trailing her on Palmetto. While we each try to teach our kids to be careful, she knew someone was behind her, following her she just did not realize that she could be in danger.

She pulled into the driveway and the van pulled up behind her, blocking her in. A man got out of the driver's side and the door opened on the passenger's side. Fortunately, she did not get out of the car but had the presence of mind to reverse and cut across the neighbor's lawn to get away. She then called her father.

When she spoke to the police yesterday, she was told that her actions probably saved her life. With all of this I have come to a realization regarding our children (ourselves and our friends). We try to teach our children to be careful and to call the police when they see suspicious activity. My daughter is 22, I probably have not reinforced that in at least 10 years--- we are going to have a 'family meeting' with our girls and reinforce what we know they know.

… don't be lulled into false security. Most of you know that we have moved and while we love our new neighborhood, we may have become lulled into a sense that we were safer. We are not, you can be followed to anywhere from anywhere.


My dear friend called tonight to say she was robbed at gunpoint today outside her daughter's shop on Metairie Road. A male, about 25 years old, accosted her as she was getting out of her car at the shop. He took her very nice jewelry and purse, shoved her back into her car and held the gun to her. She was sure he was going to kill her.

He then left her in the car and walked down Friedrichs Avenue. An Entergy bucket truck man saw the perpetrator walking down the street with a gun in one hand and my friend's pink purse in the other and followed him until he escaped. The Entergy man then went back and found her.

The Jefferson Parish police told her that these thugs are looking for nice looking women with expensive jewelry and nice cars. They are following them from the grocery stores and robbing them.

Ladies, take off your jewelry and please be careful.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Frightening, even terrifying. . . but nothing like sleeping on the floor to avoid stray bullets in some neighborhoods of New Orleans. . .
What do you think about the job the police are doing? It seems the NOPD has gone from one of the more improving to one of the most ineffective under this chief and the cronies he has installed in command assignments. Why has the NOPD lost the respect and cooperation of a substantial portion of the population? Is it the business management they have brought to the NOPD? Or the fact that even the top commanders under this chief have been suspended numerous times for various serious infractions. . . How can they enforce discipline, order and effective police work when their subordinates know the commanders got their jobs through political connections and deals, despite the tarnished disciplinary record of the commanders? The NOPD is a mess, and Nagin blew his political support by trying to erase anything at all with Pennington's fingerprints on it, no matter how worth the reforms may have been. Unfortunately the Mayor is not what we thought we elected. He is a mediocre manager and an immature and insecure politician. Too bad, because he had the best chance to really change things in more than a generation. He instead has focused on fighting imagined enemies and other phantom adversaries, rather than fighting crime with a disciplined, accountable NOPD.

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