Saturday, July 02, 2005

Trash Talk and the LSP ...

One of today’s stories in grabbed my interest. It’s an AP story announcing that “The Little Sisters of the Poor" (LSP), an order of Catholic nuns that has served New Orleans for 137 years, will close their residence for the elderly and leave the city.”

I am not sure if I ever had any contact with the LSP, but their name was used quite often in the days of my youth. They might or might not have appreciated the usage. “Trash-talking” 50 years ago consisted largely of saying “you guys couldn’t beat the Little Sisters of the Poor.”

“Sister Maria Christine Lynch, the order's mother provincial, said declining vocations among prospective nuns, and severe structural problems with the six-story home forced a decision to end the order's ministry in New Orleans.”

Nuns taught me through lower school, followed by Brothers at Holy Cross. Though much different in style, Nuns and Brothers all managed to teach various subjects very well, while slipping in some values that would be useful later in life. Religion was not the purpose of the subtle “brainwashing;” it was more about reaching your potential, basic ethics, and unselfishness.

“The nuns and officials of the Archdiocese of New Orleans said they would help the 95 residents of the Mary Joseph Residence for the Elderly find new homes in New Orleans or elsewhere.

Nuns in the Little Sisters of the Poor dedicate their lives to the service of the elderly. The order says it works in 30 countries.”

Like many of my contemporaries, I went to a “pagan” university. We were a little overdosed on Catholic instruction. But as I enter my declining years, I would love to taken care of by the LSP.


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