Thursday, July 21, 2005

Net Success?

From an eMail I received in April:

"I am a freelance writer and am writing my second book a follow up to “Net Success Interviews” about new start ups and successful companies, which is due for publication in November 2005.

If possible I would like to interview you for my book. I understand your time is very valuable therefore the interview can be carried out via email. I will not call you or trouble you in any other way.

The book is based on interviews with people running or founders of successful companies to see what they have done, how they became successful and a day in their life.

If you decide to reply and take part in this interview, your interview will be included in the book under it's own chapter, with a brief history of your company...

Eric Locken"

Pardon the self-indulgence, but here is my response to the first of several questions:

Your company / website vision statement / goal:

My vision, at 63 years old, is guided somewhat by life stage. I have been fascinated with computers since a few started to arrive in the New Orleans area in the early 1960's. About 25 years ago I founded a wholesale business which I recently sold. Over the seven years since I sold the business I wrote two books (on entrepreneurship) for major publishers, and just acquired an MBA (37 years after having gotten a Ph.D). I don’t think I can ever work for someone else, and no one else seems to be trying to hire me.

My motivators are professional stimulation, and earning enough to pay the bills. On a more operational level, I am gearing up to, hopefully, become a major player in the Internet marketing world, and in the blogosphere. My muddledconcept (mud) site is the center of my marketing efforts, selling some original product and lots of affiliate products.

The blogs are just to keep plugged in. NOBulletin, on politics, represents my major non-business interest. SecondFortune is a collection of examples of the excesses of Internet marketing, where all they sell is “their secrets,” which range from the obvious to the hackneyed. Semi-retirement is still in formation, and may displace as a vehicle of self-expression.

I'll try to stay more on-topic next time.


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