Sunday, July 15, 2007

Assimilating ...

We have now been in Cincinnati for a month. Certainly the novelty has not worn off yet, but we are beginning to feel that we live here.

A couple of recent purchases have completed our furnishings. Our guiding principle in our purchases has been to buy either something we will use long-term, or something cheap enough to throw away when we move in a year.

We do plan to move in a year, but expect to remain in the Cincinnati area. There are some attractive condos on the Kentucky side of the Ohio River that have their advantages. We went to a cocktail party in one such condo development and enjoyed a beautiful view of the river and the Cincinnati skyline.

We really miss our friends in New Orleans. We try to stay in contact by phone but it is, of course, not the same or even close. We have done passably well at meeting people here, but it is hard to find people our age that are retired. “Retired” seems to be an important characteristic for compatibility. Our neighborhood seems to be mostly younger people, working hard and raising kids.

Otherwise our neighborhood has been a real positive. The other day we walked to our dentist, then lunched on Hyde Park square, and stopped at the library on the walk home. Our house is at a relatively high elevation, and walking the last block to our house is good exercise.

Our real exercise is done at the Cincinnati Sports Club. We are on a 3-times a week program, and on other days often ride the stationary bike at home.

We still keep up with New Orleans news via and a couple of Times-Picayune newsletters. Louisiana politics and government are so much more interesting than here. The Cincinnati area is so governmentally fragmented that everything seems like a neighborhood issue.


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