Sunday, June 03, 2007

In Transit …

We are mostly packed and leave New Orleans on Tuesday for Cincinnati. We will take three or so days to drive there, our furniture will take a few more days than that, and the car we are transporting a few days more.

Moving is harder than I remembered. For having been being wiped out by Katrina, we sure have a lot of stuff to move.

For the last week or so we have had an intense “farewell tour,” from Susan’s retirement party to my family gathering. In between we have dined with different friends at Galatoire’s and Commander’s, Liuzza’s and Brocato’s among other places.

It was nice of Mayor Nagin to report the state of the city just before our leaving. He did not have anything to say that would cause us to re-think the move. Does this make us part of the “brain drain?”

Once we get settled at the other end, perhaps an “arrival tour” would be in order. We will need to find a guide to the finer restaurants in Cincinnati; we have already booked a few cultural attractions over the summer.

We will soon have to re-assess our commitment to the New Orleans Bulletin (NOBull for short). Can an expatriate have any insight to offer to those still in New Orleans? Some comparisons to Cincinnati could be interesting in the short term, but might quickly wear thin.

Susan and I have a combined 95 years of living in greater New Orleans. When asked where we are from it will be quite a while before we think of saying anything other than N.O. We expect to return several times a year to visit our relatives and friends.

Stay in touch.


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Blogger oyster said...

Take care, John. New Orleans will miss you.

4:15 PM  
Blogger Dambala said...

Good Luck to you, sir.

5:40 PM  
Anonymous GentillyGirl said...

May the both of you Be Blessed in your new home.

10:44 PM  

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