Sunday, June 17, 2007

Setup in Cincinnati …

Our furniture arrived in Cincinnati on Wednesday via Allied Van Lines. Don’t use them; our stuff was pretty banged-up.

The first crisis of the day was that our delivery truck, an 18-wheeler, got stuck on a narrow street approaching our house. Several neighbors moved their parked cars, and before long the driver, Steve, managed to maneuver the truck to the front of our house.

Maybe someday we will be able to laugh about the move, but not yet. We are in an old house, and the entryway has a very low ceiling which made every piece moved a challenge. Our sofa did not make it, and was sent to storage.

The stairway to our upper floor is even more restrictive, and a desk and a box spring intended for the upper floor joined our sofa in storage. We will have to get a split box spring to finish our guest room. I didn't know there was such a thing as a split box spring before this move.

Steve’s moving crew was drawn from Berger, a local Allied agent. Dave and Tony were very good workers, but generated some friction with Steve. Mostly he had lots of advice but didn’t care to do much heavy lifting. Things evened out when he got a bit more involved.

Thursday and Friday were unpacking days, though it seems the remaining boxes are multiplying. Susan is repacking some things that we will probably not need in our year in this apartment, already trying to reduce the trauma of our next move. We expect that the next move will be to elsewhere in the Cincinnati area, but who knows?

Other than still being buried in boxes, we are enjoying our neighborhood, Hyde Park. We went to a neighborhood association meeting (boring) where we met some neat neighbors. They have invited us to a dinner party this weekend.

On Friday night we explored Newport on the Levee, a dining and entertainment development in Kentucky that looks across the Ohio River at the Cincinnati skyline. On Saturday we joined a gym and met a few of our fellow exercisers.

I think this is going to be fun.


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