Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ohio! Why?

Yes, we are moving to Ohio, Cincinnati to be precise. The hardcore, live in N.O. till they die, people have a hard time understanding why and sometimes that makes us re-evaluate. But the decision was not a hasty one and our comfort with it increases every day.

We lost just about all our material goods in Katrina, but were well-insured. This liquidation of our real estate portfolio made the move possible. Susan just retired from UNO so we are as portable as we will ever be.

But won't we miss New Orleans? Sure, but we have the freedom to visit as often as we like and to act like tourists when we do. The hardest part is the separation from some wonderful friends we made over the years. We will do our best to keep these friendships alive from a distance. We have a most comfortable guest room in Cincinnati.

Then why move? Susan is unnerved by hurricanes, and that began before Katrina. We considered living uptown and building a "safe house" in Folsom, but never really warmed up to that arrangement. We are also concerned about the medical care system in N.O. We are having difficulties with this now, and we are stll very healthy.

This move may not be permanent; we are thinking of this as an adventure. We are only renting in Cincinnati, and will re-evaluate as the one-year mark approaches. We will also be tracking the New Orleans recovery from a distance.

Meanwhile, Cincinnati is a very livable city, with a thriving arts and culture community, heart of a metropolitan area of over two million people. We will be living in the Hyde Park area, an urban "village" with lots of amenities in walking distance.

Stay in touch.


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