Thursday, September 22, 2005

A plan begins to emerge …

In Monday’s blog, you may recall, we were settling in with our in-laws in Dillsboro IN. The plan was that we would stay with Harley and Jascia Robinson for the four-to-six weeks we expected it to take before we could find a place in New Orleans or nearby. That was Sunday.

This is Thursday. We are working on some finishing touches to our apartment in Columbus, OH. “What happened?” you may ask. In a way we are as surprised as you are.

On Monday a series of events occurred that led us to develop the current strategy. We were beginning to realize that it would be months rather than weeks before we could return to a livable situation in New Orleans. We are, too literally, homeless. Competition is keen for what little housing is, or will become, available.

The Robinsons could not have been more hospitable. They had setup up a basement apartment that was comfortable and private. We were thoroughly enjoying their company, and feeling a sense of home that was warm and genuine. Still, we had expected to be there a month at most and felt that being there for several times that would wear out our welcome.

We then heard (from our dear friends, Steve and Janice Shull) about a nice apartment complex in Columbus that was offering a 70% discount to Katrina “refugees.” We called the “Olentangy Village” apartments and found out that we could get a two-bedroom apartment for $150 a month. Further “sweeteners” included free use of furniture from a local charitable organization.

Susan contacted the Political Science department at her alma mater, Ohio State, and they offered her a fully equipped faculty office at no cost. They had done that for Steve, and the Shulls were living in Olentangy, so now a move to Columbus seemed to bring us a real support network.

We will share some more experiences with you on Sunday.


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