Thursday, September 15, 2005

6: This is so heartland …

From Memphis, our next destination was Dillsboro Indiana. We flirted with the idea of heading south and trying to find an apartment within an hour or so drive of New Orleans, but preliminary phone calls indicated that our chances were not very good.

Dills is less than an eight hour drive from Memphis, but Susan insisted that we make it a two-day drive. I think that the only thing she hates more than a hurricane is a driving trip. So, after over-nighting in Bowling Green Kentucky, we pulled on to Wilderness Lane in “suburban” Dills just in time for lunch with Susan’s brother Harley Robinson.

Staying with Harley and Jascia was the closest thing to home that we could find under the circumstances. They are very busy, so we have the house pretty much to ourselves during the day, enjoy dinner with them, and then watch the latest news on the New Orleans recovery process.

We find the recovery news to be so spellbinding that we have to budget our TV time to get anything else done. CNN’s “wall-to-wall” coverage is our favorite; let us know what you’re watching, and how you feel about it.

In Memphis, someone asked us if Dills had any natural hazards. I suggested that some might consider boredom to be the greatest risk there. It is so unlike New Orleans, so white-bread, church-going, trusting, clean, and “chipper.” I must admit, however, that I am beginning to appreciate mid-western bland.

There are so many defenses we have to build to survive at home. Cynicism heads the list; everything seems to fall short and arrive late. Priorities are based on all the wrong criteria. (Wait a minute. Is it just me? Give me your view.)

Today we expect to receive our DSL modem because it was promised today. Making the arrangements was simple because the service provider and the guy at Radio Shack were so helpful. We worked out at the “Y” today, and they waived the registration fee for us, and let us pay as we go. People help with directions and suggestions cheerfully, and the information they give is clear and it works.

Dillsboro is a very small town. We had to travel 15 miles to the Aurora/ Lawrenceburg area for a major grocery trip. I’ll bet you haven’t heard of them either. Today, it’s the Queen City, Cincinnati, and about 40 miles each way.


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