Thursday, September 08, 2005

4: Extended Road Trip ...

Memphis, TN. Today we take a pause from our travel diary to highlight some useful Internet resources on Katrina.

From the Search Engine Watch Blog:

Craigslist Versus Katrina from Wired looks at how users of the Craigslist listing service are posting offers of aid and housing to victims of Hurricane Katrina. The key page to check out over there is here, listing lost-and-found (including missing family and friends), temporary housing and volunteer needs.

The Wired article also lists other online resources for checking up on missing people and a Katrina information map based on Google Maps that you can use to tag information such as dry areas or the status of locations.

If you're a site owner with space, the American Red Cross is asking for people to carry variety of banner ads you can carry on your site to help generate donations. You'll find more info here.

Running AdSense? The Jensens blog explains how to carry these ads as an "alternative" ad on your site.

From the ResourceShelf:

Maps/Census Data of New Orleans"New Orleans has 73 official neighborhoods. For all these neighborhoods, this site contains easy-to-use Census 2000 data--this includes households without cars, poverty, age of housing stock, and other demographics relevant to the impact of Hurricane Katrina. This site also publishes historical snapshots of each of these neighborhoods.

Satellite and Aerial Imagery

DigitalGlobe New Orleans, and other Locations, August 31, 2005

Earth Scan Laboratory, LSU

FEMA Photo Library

GlobeExplorer Before and After

NASA, More Images from NASA

NOAA Emergency Response [Aerial] Imagery

Summary info, key images, and additional links here.

Collection of Images from NOAA #1, #2

Aerial Images of Katrina's Devastation


SpaceImaging Some Images Taken September 2, 2005

We will see you on Sunday.


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