Friday, February 04, 2005

Say it ain’t so, Popeye…

Well, I am swearing off Popeye’s chicken because its former owner, Al Copeland, is said to have tried to “strong arm” a judge. At least that’s the word from ex-Judge Ronald Bodenheimer, who is serving federal time for crimes committed while a jurist. T-P reports that Bodenheimer, in a sworn deposition last week, directly implicated Al Copeland in the criminal conspiracy to rig Copeland's child-custody case.

Speaking of "strong arm," have you seen the TV commercial where the lawyer names himself "The Strong Arm?" Am I the only one who is negatively impressed? And, I know Al doesn’t own Popeye’s any more, but he makes a nice living selling seasoning to them.

Bodenheimer says that Al, a multimillionaire businessman, asked at a private meeting to "make sure he did not lose custody of his son," according to newly released court records. "Telling me that, you know, 'We supported you because you were the kind of guy who would do the right thing. And the right thing is to keep me and Alex together,'" Bodenheimer said. "What he let me know was that if I didn't do his right thing, that yes, I would probably have a candidate run against me."

Is that it? That rates a front page story with pictures of both principals? Was Bodenheimer that insecure about re-election that he would commit a federal crime to keep Al from putting up some unknown political opposition?

Copeland remains a subject of the investigation, prosecutors say, but has not been charged with a crime. His attorney, Jack Martzell, said Thursday that Bodenheimer's statements in the deposition are those of "a corrupt, jailed ex-judge," upset because Copeland would not pay Bodenheimer's legal bills. Bodenheimer is serving 46 months in federal prison for his involvement in the Copeland conspiracy and other crimes.

Will Popeye’s feel the effects of my boycott? Let me know what you thing about this tempest.


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