Monday, January 24, 2005

Sexual Preference...

Does it seem to you that there have been a lot of sexually-oriented issues in the news lately? T-P on Thursday alone had three among its headlines:

State ban on gay marriage upheld

Louisiana's constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of "one man and one woman" was correctly written by lawmakers and properly cast into law by voters, a unanimous state Supreme Court said Wednesday. But the amendment does not erode the rights of any unmarried couple to own property, enter into power-of-attorney contracts or craft wills, the court noted.

Both sides of the gay marriage debate claimed victory. Amendment supporters such as the Louisiana Family Forum cheered the ruling, saying the provision is about "protecting children from bad public policy." Opponents of the amendment view the high court's ruling as limiting an amendment that could have been worse for gay couples.

Judges: Sodomy ruling doesn't void oral sex law

A woman accused of soliciting oral sex cannot use the U.S. Supreme Court's landmark ruling that struck down a Texas sodomy law on privacy grounds to escape prosecution, the Louisiana Supreme Court said Wednesday.

Tina Thomas tried to sell oral sex to an undercover police officer April 10, 1995, in Jefferson Parish, prosecutors say. Louisiana law calls such an act a crime against nature and makes it a felony that carries up to five years in prison. By contrast, someone accused of offering sexual intercourse for cash is charged with prostitution, a misdemeanor.

Thomas argued that the state's crime against nature law discriminates unfairly and violates the right to privacy. Judge Kernan Hand of the 24th Judicial District Court agreed and tossed out the charge. Hand was wrong in applying the decision to the case of an alleged prostitute, the Louisiana Supreme Court ruled, because the landmark ruling does not affect prostitution or public sexual conduct.

Council bans adult stores, tattoo parlors

Saying they want to preserve the quality of life in St. Bernard Parish, the Parish Council on Tuesday put a 180-day moratorium on permits for tattoo and body-piercing parlors, as well as adult bookstores, massage parlors, motels offering hourly rates and establishments that provide live adult entertainment. The council's action mirrors a temporary ban instituted by the New Orleans City Council last year.


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