Friday, January 28, 2005

Boomers are Now YAPS...

(PRWEB) 50 plus Online Magazine re-defines a demographic: Yesterday's boomers are today's YAPS. Y.A.P.S.: Youthful, Active, Pre-Seniors.

The media called them baby boomers. Today that term is archaic. "The term "baby boomers" described who they were, not who they are today," says Gary Geyer, "so we re-named them to more accurately describe them." Geyer is founder, editor and publisher of 50plus Online Magazine as well as President and Creative Director of Alive & Kicking Advertising, a marketing company that specializes in the 50+ market.

"YAPS fall into the age spectrum of about 50-65, give or take a few years in either direction," adds Geyer. "Generally speaking, YAPS are over 50 and therefore considered part of the "mature market"."

Most YAPS don't think of themselves as seniors and they probably would not even like to be referred to as "Pre-Seniors." YAPS are not like their parents (who actually are seniors). YAPS are youthful in appearance and attitude. They try to stay active, exercise, watch their diet, eat healthier than those half their age, still listen to rock 'n roll, are fashion conscious, get nipped and tucked and have romantic inclinations.

YAPS lead active sex lives, are prominent in the work force, are politically motivated, surf and shop the internet, play video games, go to the movies, take vacations, frequent restaurants, travel, buy luxury items (more than any other demographic) including new cars, boats and houses, provide for their children, their grandchildren and today more than ever, take care of their aging parents.

"When you consider that the 'YAPPIE' population increases every 7 seconds, the mind boggles at this virtually untapped market. YAPS will spend upward of three trillion dollars in 2005 on anything and everything that prolongs their (forgive me) yapiness," says Geyer

Who were the baby boomers?

To refresh your memory, a third of the US population --- 76 million --- was born between 1946 and 1964. They were called baby boomers.

With them came a revolution affecting just about everything. New industries sprung up by the thousands to service the hoard. Shoes, cameras, band-aids, tricycles and toys of every kind (think Hula-hoops, Slinkies and Davy Crocket hats.) This population explosion resulted in thousands of new homes being built around the country and the birth of the suburbs. When boomers ate food, the snack, restaurant and supermarket industries emerged. They needed doctors and healthcare systems were created. They bought clothes and the fashion industry exploded. To put it mildly, they changed everything.

Let me know what you think about being a Yappie, or not being one.


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