Sunday, January 30, 2005

New Orleans a shoppers' destination?...

New Orleans is a shopper’s destination for Jil Mcintosh, as we read in this morning’s Toronto Star. She is particularly taken by the city’s Deep South and French influences, and reminds us that there is “more to Big Easy than Mardi Gras.”

Jil has rather eclectic tastes: “This is a party town, but it's also a shopper's paradise, whether you fancy $50,000 antique armoires or a 50-cent string of beads. I visit the city each year, and always find new items that simply don't exist anywhere else.”

She recognizes the existence of a “fair share of malls,” but stresses that “the best on-foot shopping is in the French Quarter, and further west on Magazine St.” She makes a couple of discoveries of which we locals might not be sufficiently appreciative. One “must see” is the Dutch Alley Artists' Co-Op (912 N. Peters St.), a showcase of works by local artists. A “premier store is Fleur de Paris (712 and 717 Royal), offering handmade dresses that are more confection than clothing, and an exceptional selection of hats.”

She finds some of our customs a bit quaint. “New Orleans goes wild at Mardi Gras, but this is the Deep South, with all its conventions. That includes such events as debutante balls (the local newspaper's society column still reports them) and the clothes one needs to attend them… Even in the age of email, Southerners write letters; the thank-you note is all but taught to children at birth.”

She also finds that New Orleans is dog-friendly, as indicated by “the popular Barkus parade... featuring hundreds of dressed-up dogs.” But don’t get her started on hot sauces, “Most hot sauces in souvenir shops depend on their novelty labels and aren't worth eating.”

Is this the New Orleans you know? Any suggestions for Jil?


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Her use of the directional "west"... how cute!

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