Sunday, January 16, 2005

Corruption, Incompetence, Stupidity ...

We like to consider ourselves at the front lines of the war on corruption, incompetence, and stupidity. For simplicity, we will refer to the outstanding examples of these traits that we choose to highlight in this column as CIS "awards." We are open to nominations.

One of our staunchest allies in this struggle is C.B. Forgotston. CB maintains a web site titled Louisiana Politics Forgotston Style,, which I urge you to check out when you are finished reading this. CB keeps close track of our state legislators (calling them "leges"), and made a recent post to his site that gives you a sense of from where he is coming:

"I am a native-born, lifelong, resident of LA who is fed up with being fed up and is not taking it anymore. This website is not intended as daily source of news nor objectivity. If you are an elected official, especially a member of the LA legislature, you will hate this site. If you are happy with the status quo in LA the site will be of no value. If you think we can do better in LA then this may be the place for you. It is, hopefully, a way that one, who so desires, can become educated about the performance (or nonperformance) of their elected officials, so that informed decisions can be made at election time. In addition to objective (voting records) criteria you will find points of view not necessarily found elsewhere."

CB calls himself the "mullet scribe," defining mullets as "ordinary citizens who under a representative form of democracy are represented by leges." The opposite of mullets he calls "redfish," i.e., the elite, politicians or anyone who is "better" than the lowly mullet. He also has a guest column with the musings of the "Piney Woods Oracle."

Luckily (?), we have plenty material to work with, but always welcome your suggestions.


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