Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Some good news for a change...

The AP reports that Louisiana tops the nation in its program to improve teacher quality and is second only to New York in its accountability standards for schools, according to Education Week magazine in its annual rankings released today. The news is not all good, however, due to a continued poor showing in the Education Week category of "school climate" which entails school size, class size, safety, parental involvement, attendance and dropouts. Louisiana improved from a "D" last year to a "D+" in the current rankings.

Still, it seems safe to say that the state education establishment is moving in the right direction. The obstacles seem related to budget, and a lack of parental cooperation only partly under the control of educators.

In another case of good/bad news, a former New Orleans water official reported to prison for scheming to rig a contract renewal to run the city's two wastewater-treatment plants. Anti-corruption efforts in the state are going well, but then they seem to have so much to work with.

In the category of stupid copyright violators, AP reports that artist George Rodrigue, whose "Blue Dog" launched him to fame and riches, is suing the owner of a New Orleans gallery and two artists for allegedly violating his copyright with an image of a blue dog slumped inside a martini glass. Couldn't they think of another color for the dog?

Let us hear from you on what in the news is catching your eye.


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