Tuesday, January 11, 2005

More to come...

Two stories in the news yesterday served as teasers for some interesting stories to come.

Governor Kathleen Blanco said she will ask the Saints to agree to a reduction in payments that the state makes to the team, and that she expects the Saints will help pay for the $168 million Superdome renovation. Blanco said the bulk of revenue should come from the area and not from the state's general fund. This should go down well with New Orleans area officials.

The key words are "will ask" and "should." Benson has been a tough negotiator in the past, and it will seriously test the determination of the Governor toward what she calls "a realistic renegotiation."

Yesyerday also saw the official swearing-in of the 2005 Orleans Parish School Board. They are enthusiastically calling the Superintendent and themselves "the team of eight." Last year's school board often clashed both publicly and privately, and several outgoing members were critical of schools Superintendent Anthony Amato. We are anxious to watch the team's progress.

Let us know what you expect to happen next on these stories.


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