Sunday, June 29, 2008

Of “Do Downtown” and Trailer Parks …

We continue to try to take advantage of all the activities that Cincinnati has to offer.

A couple of weeks ago we went to “Homearama,” an annual showing of new upscale homes, generally in suburbia. The homes are obscene, approaching 10,000 square feet and fitted out to the max. Apparently, people who can afford $1M+ homes also like basements that approximate a sports bar. All had outdoor dining and BBQ pits to die for.

This past weekend we went to “Do Downtown,” (Cinci Skyline pictured) a good concept but poorly executed. For a fixed price of $20 per person one gets a small appetizer form each of ten downtown restaurants, all within easy walking distance. The poor execution was that the portions were so small, and not indicative of the restaurant’s fare; one was contained by a small cup, like the ones from which we take cough syrup. It was basically a miniature piece of watermelon.

We also went to an open house of downtown condos. Our interest in housing seems to create a source of many early summer outings. The condos were interesting, offering a wide array of layouts and pricing. Living downtown is attractive and seems to be undergoing a growth spurt. Perhaps it’s the high price of gasoline.

Our last activity of the weekend was the “Trailer Park Musical” at the Ensemble Theater downtown. It was a low-brow comedy with good music and an excellent cast.

The two series of plays we subscribed to have ended their seasons. In coming weeks we are attending a Billy Joel concert at Riverbend, and an amateur presentation of “Oliver.” Susan’s nephew is one of the rowdies in “Oliver.”

The first week of July we are visiting New Orleans, renewing friendships and enjoying the town. In August we cruise to Alaska.

I continue to enjoy my volunteer activities. They range from business counseling to assisting an arts organization to politics.


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