Sunday, May 18, 2008

Of Bratwursts and Beer ...

Susan was in New Orleans this past week, at a seminar for a national organization for public opinion research. As part of her visit she spent a little time with our real estate agent, looking at houses in the uptown area. She was not impressed.

She went to only one session at the convention, on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, of all things. A lot of her friends were there and a major subject of conversation was whether we were going to return to New Orleans anytime soon. She and I have declared a moratorium on discussions on the subject until June 1, so she had no answer to give. Susan returns tonight.

Susan’s countdown to the end of her teaching career is down to three weeks. We thought the part-time job would be a good way to phase down to retirement, but she has gotten impatient to be done with teaching. I think it will be tough for her to quickly put together a satisfying retirement experience; like me, she has no real hobbies and it takes a little time to put together a rewarding volunteer schedule.

I continue to enjoy my retirement in Cincinnati. My volunteer work has been more pleasurable than expected. I am doing some writing on business matters, and preparing to team-teach an upcoming seminar for my professional volunteer organization. Today is spring cleaning day at campaign headquarters of my political volunteer organization.

Cincinnati has a strong German tradition, and yesterday I went to Maifest, just across the river in Covington, KY. I guess this is for people who are having trouble waiting for Oktoberfest. My dinner was bratwurst and sauerkraut, washed down by some good German beer.

Hillary Clinton was going to address the group a bit later in the evening. As I followed the crowd walking from the parking area to the Fest I struck up a conversation with a gentleman who is a clinical psychologist. It was his professional opinion that the Clintons are narcissists, and had no business in government.


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Anonymous New Orleans News Ladder said...

John, we always enjoy your bulletins. I found Cincinnati to be a really surprising city. Do pigs still fly there?

I hung you onto today's Ladder.
Yesterday I got lost on a post ranting about the Corps of Engineers, but in it one of my references was to: "just some shmo'ma from'da PT Barnham School of Shameless Self/Promotions!", with this link for the punchline:
I have a comment there too under the handle: "Bourgeois Nievete"
Hope you enjoy.

I am going to NOLA this coming weekend for the Mid City St John's Bayou Boogaloo.
We'll fang down some po'boys and Bloody Marys in your honor and toast the independent country of Gentilly, Noble Mon.

editor~New Orleans News Ladder

6:13 PM  
Blogger John said...


We are about to start a campaign to photograph the fiberglass pigs around Cincinnati, flying and otherwise. I doubt if we will get to the, at least, all 400 of them.

4:45 PM  

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