Sunday, May 11, 2008

Of Homestead and Seminars ...

In response to a Metairie friend’s inquiry as to whether we are returning to the area:

“You ask a tough question. We have been discussing this for months without a decision. We lean toward coming back, and have looked at properties on two recent visits. Unfortunately Susan has this visceral fear of hurricanes that sidetracks us each time.

We are getting ‘plugged in’ in Cincinnati, and it has its charms. Still we miss our friends back home, at least if N.O./Metairie is still home.

Our lease forces us to make a decision by the end of August. We are spending much of August on an Alaskan cruise and I suspect it will be a major topic of discussion on the trip.“

On another subject, I have been working on a “Web Site Fundamentals” seminar which SCORE offers periodically. It is a half-day seminar where I teach the first hour. Yesterday I was working on adding links to example web sites for the presentation.

One topic we discuss is making purchases on the web and I thought eBay might make a good example. I wandered around the site looking for a good page to illustrate the shopping cart and checkout process and decided that none of them was quite illustrative enough. I found a better example on an auto parts site.

Soon I got an email telling me that I had “won” a Toyota Prius. Further down the email I discovered that in exploring the eBay site I had bought a car! Of course I replied that the purchase was an accident, and asked the eBay folks to notify the dealer.

Working on the seminar has been very enjoyable. After each presentation we refine it based on feedback from attendees, and it has morphed from “Internet Marketing” to the current title which is more reflective of seminar content. The seminar is next scheduled for June 10.


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