Sunday, March 16, 2008

Attract Entrepreneurs to New Orleans ...


Start Up New Orleans Joins Push to Establish New Orleans As the City of Choice for Innovators and Entrepreneurs

As the momentum of recovery continues to build in the city of New Orleans, a major force has emerged as a key driver of this recovery: entrepreneurs.

Due to the "clean slate" afforded by a city rebuilding itself, this nascent movement is comprised of unconventional, out-of-the-box thinkers who have distinguished themselves in successful careers, and who have sought a city that is cultivating an entrepreneurial culture.

To attract more of these types of individuals, Start Up New Orleans has been established by four of the city's young business leaders. A resource for entrepreneurs seeking information and connections to other entrepreneurs, Start Up New Orleans is designed to leverage the city's unique qualities (rich culture, low costs, economic incentives, talent pool), which distinguish it from anywhere else in the United States.

According to Sean Cummings, a local developer and co-founder of Start Up New Orleans, "New Orleans has always been a beacon for people with imagination, daring, and alternative approaches to solving problems. Our mission is to attract these types of people to New Orleans, and provide them with the information and resources they need to start their businesses here."

"Silicon Valley became the nerve center for technology in the U.S. because of the investment businesses in the region made in attracting and retaining technology people," said Nic Perkin, also a co-founder of Start Up New Orleans and president of the New Orleans Exchange, a new technology start-up. "The same can be said for New York City with financial people. What we're doing here in New Orleans is making this the city of choice for entrepreneurs. If you're smart, motivated and have a track record of success, we want you here."

Offering a mosaic of case studies of success and profiles of innovators whose ideas are changing the Greater New Orleans region for the better, the Start Up New Orleans website,, is the portal through which entrepreneurs can access information about establishing operations here.

With information also relating to New Orleans leaders in the arts, politics, real estate, economics, cuisine and other areas that are foundational to the identity of the city, Start Up New Orleans is committed to ensuring that entrepreneurs seeking a home for their businesses see New Orleans as the prime location in which to build their futures.


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