Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Place to Roost ...

Continuing from the "Road to Cincinnati:"

While the road trip had been fun, it was becoming obvious that it would be a while before we could return to NO. It was time to find a place where we could stay a while. We decided that the only place where we would feel (somewhat) at home was with Susan’s brother and family in Dillsboro Indiana, in the Cincinnati area.

The Robinsons were as gracious as they could be, creating an apartment for us in their basement. It was mid-September and we were beginning to realize that it would be months before we could return rather than weeks.

A call from our best friends, who had evacuated to Columbus Ohio, suggested we move there. An apartment complex was giving Katrina refugees a 70% discount on rent, and social service agencies were providing furniture and other necessities. In addition the Political Science department at Ohio State (alma mater of Susan and our friend Steve) was providing free office space and clerical support.

We moved to Columbus in late September. At the time we knew three other couples there, and they proved to be a significant support structure. Susan’s working at OSU allowed her to finish a book that she had been working on, and I was able to get an office in the OSU Business School. Being a part of the OSU community, where we could get back to our professional pursuits, was uplifting.

Fall foliage in Columbus was beautiful and the season began with very nice weather. We were only about a mile from OSU, and in an area where many of the necessities of life, and a few nice restaurants, were in walking distance.

But winter came early in 2005. The cold and snow were uncomfortable, but we were beginning to plan our return to New Orleans and that got us through.

More to come ...


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