Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Number One Fear...

At least where public restrooms are concerned, PRWeb tells us that touching the door to exit the restroom is our biggest fear related to using public facilities. Then in their PR flack kind of way they are pleased to announce that the problem has been solved by their client. But first, some reputable firm data:

According to Kimberly-Clark over 55% of the people surveyed feared the door handles in Public Restrooms. Now thanks to ASC Hygiene the problem has been resolved with Germ Free Door Handles.

The technique, if you must know, is that “ASC Hygiene BioGuard is employing AgION Technologies silver ion based antimicrobial science to produce a new protective finish for door pulls and plates that minimizes bacterial growth on the surface of the finished product. BioGuard is now available on ASC door pulls, push bars, and protection plates.”

Then, to assure us that our other fears are being addressed, they invite us to “learn more about Touch Free Hygiene such as Self Cleaning Toilet Seats and Touch Free Restrooms.”

Leaving the restroom for a second, The School for Champions tells us that “There are two major types of fear in humans. One is the fear of physical harm. The other is the fear of looking foolish in the eyes of your peers and being ridiculed because of it.”

While I was on the subject, I also found out what is bugging Olivia Olsen, a 72 year-old accountant from Koppom, Sweden:

“I hesitate to admit this, but my greatest fear has always been water, water of all kinds, but particularly the open sea. So great is my fear of water that I bathe only once a week, and only in the form of a brief shower, never in the bathtub. I wear a heavy perfume to disguise my body odor.”

This has been another random trip along the information highway. Thanks to Google, we can see whose opinions on their greatest fear do best in a search engine.


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