Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Cultivated Inaction...

The Mayor made news by letting a rezoning proposal pass without his signature. The issue was an oh so tiny crack in the long-standing moratorium on hotel construction in the French Quarter, which passed in the Council by a "veto-proof" margin.

Nagin's action is a way of not really being for it, but not really against it enough to try to stop it. He has certainly lost ground with the preservationists, and I doubt that he won over many with his cynical comment about not having his "fingerprints" on the measure.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am usually on the side of the preservationists, but this time I feel the developer side has the stronger argument. Most would not even consider this site to be in the French Quarter proper, and tasteful development will be far preferable to what is currently there.

2:04 PM  

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