Monday, January 03, 2005

A Little Off Topic...

How 'bout dem Saints? The Saints took care of business yesterday, but the odds were a little too long for them to make the playoffs. Some say the fortunes of the team affect the civic mood. If so, this could explain many of the city's recent problems.

I missed the game because we are on the road, and the Cincinnati media chose to show the Bengals instead. We visited the new Freedom Center in the city, while staying in the exurbs of nearby Indiana.

It's a nice place to visit, but give me the urban life. The attractions of Dillsboro, Aurora, and Versailles, IN are consumed rather quickly. Still, it is nice to see this slice of Americana occasionally.

What's your favorite place to visit?


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

New Orleans (Louisiana) and Charleston (South Carolina) are two the most beautiful and tranquil cities I have ever visited. New Orleans and Charleston are among my favorite travel destinations. Perhaps one day I will retire in New Orleans. Having been born and reared in Brooklyn, New York, I am longing for the true simple life when I retire.

I realize that I am posting this at my peril but I am compelled to confess that the five Boroughs of New York City is teaming with criminal activity. I realize that crime exists in other areas of the United States but not as prevalent as in the five Boroughs of New York City. Take my word... It's crazy in my area. I am not one happy Brooklynite. In fact, one may call me a Brooklyn Brawler... er, only when I have to defend myself. ;-)

I love Mardi Gras. Every few years I would come to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. I think the Mardi Gras krewes offer world-class entertainment. I love all of the following krewes: Babylon, Bacchus, Barkus, Carrollton, Cleopatra, Comus, du Vieux, Corps de Napoleon, Elks Orleanians, Elvis, Endymion, Grela, Hermes, Knights of Babylon, Knights of King Arthur, Iris, Les Mysterieuses, Lil Rascals, Mardi Gras Indians, Mid-City, Momus, Okeanos, Original Illinois Club, Orpheus, Pegasus, Phunny Phorty Phellows, Pleasure Club, Poseidon, Proteus, Rex, Twelfth Night Revelers, Thor, Thoth, Tucks, Venus, Zeus, and lastly Zulu of which the great, late Louis Armstrong was the first celebrity monarch in 1949.

Chefs Emeril Lagasse, Paul Prudhomme, John Folse, Patrick Mould, and the great, late Justin Wilson are another reason I love visiting Louisiana. I ga-ron-tee! I absolutely love Cajun and Creole cuisine. Cajun/Creole country is the place where one can truly enjoy dirty rice, cajun-fried chicken, crawfish, shrimp, and other mouth-watering Cajun and Creole food that are too numerous to mention in my comment.

Keep up the good work, Dr. Vinturella. This is one of the most intresting political blogs listed in Wil's Domain. I also love Shockingly True by cyber babe and fellow New Yorker, Ashleigh A. Anonymous. (One need an alternative choice to the "canned/scripted" bloggers like InstaPundit (sigh), Little Green Footballs (boring), and (gasp!) Wonkette... Yuck!)

Oh, my dearest New Orleans! Here I come! J'vous garantis!

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