Thursday, September 04, 2008

Levees and YouTube (Thursday Edition) is an organization that is calling for a thorough investigation of the causes of Hurricane Katrina. Founder Sandy Rosenthal insists that it was not a natural disaster, as normally depicted, but an engineering disaster. They claim that their mailing list contains over 21,000 subscribers.

Their current video is called "The Katrina Myth," and it is available on YouTube ( Producer Ken McCarthy speaks of the success of the video: “The good news is that we successfully made the leap from top rated News Video of the day to top rated News Video of the week. That's a good thing because otherwise the video's high visibility would have evaporated from YouTube today.”

Sandy was tracking Hurricane Gustav and sent a “before the power goes out here” email, primarily made up of Ken’s suggestions. If you are tired of Katrina stories then skip it, but the video is compelling.

Apparently the organization has found that the video has been a powerful way to state their case to a wide audience. I continue to be amazed at the power of YouTube.

Here are some excerpts from Ken’s suggestions:

It is visits and people who rate and comment on the video that are keeping our message in the public eye. YouTube is a ferociously competitive environment and it's very easy to disappear. So, as always, we need more traffic...

Simple ways to help

1. Write friends, family, colleagues, anyone in your circle, and let them know about the video.

2. If you have a blog, please post the link straight through to the YouTube page so that people can rate, comment on, favorite and forward the video to others. All this helps the video's ratings.

3. Even better than posting to your own blog is considerately posting info about the video and its link to other blogs, especially high traffic ones. Read the blog, find a thread where a comment is relevant, and post there.

4. Write directly to news outlets, people with high traffic blogs, and anyone else you think may have a significant mailing list and ask them to view and then spread the word about the video.
"The Katrina Myth" does the job of clearing up the flood of misinformation, puts people on the side of New Orleans, and directs them to join


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Anonymous New Orleans Ladder said...

John, thank you so much for posting on this great movie! I went to the premier the night before the Anniversary, and caught the last train out of New Orleans on the 29th! Yikes!
It was such a cool event in the large crowd it drew and also in the cross section of people... from all across the spectrum of New Orleans.

Thank you for supporting
They really have the Eye on the Ball of safe flood control across the nation.
I will forward this post to the director Sandy Rosenthal.

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder

11:35 AM  

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