Sunday, December 16, 2007

Happy 90th!

We have been in New Orleans since Wednesday and leave Wednesday coming. This has been a long stay, but we don’t seem to have worn out our welcome yet. We are staying with my brother and sister-in-law who have been wonderful hosts. The accommodations have been first-class.

On Thursday night we took our hosts, Alan and Mona, to a restaurant they suggested in Kenner, Calas. It’s a find; try it if you get a chance. It’s a bit pricey but worth it.

Saturday I had a coffee break with my friend and confidant Harold. We call them “sessions” because they are more like therapy than merely discussions. I talked mostly about the pluses and minuses of the retirement life. Harold talked mostly about a couple of difficult business decisions facing him, with personal as well as business ramifications.

Saturday evening Alan and I sponsored a party for my mother’s 90th birthday. This was the main reason for our trip, and it went off beautifully. Mom is in excellent health (she takes less prescription medication for various ailments than I do). Attendees included her few remaining close relatives, and she thoroughly enjoyed being the center of attention.

We held the party in a private room at Timphony’s restaurant in Metairie. I don’t think I would recommend the place except for the party room. The cake was from Maurice’s Bakery, which I recommend highly. Is “doberge cake” known outside the N.O. area?

We will probably take a disaster tour of the area before leaving. It is interesting to watch the local news here which is still completely dominated by news of recovery from hurricane Katrina. A few crime stories also make the cut.

The other big story here is the transition to the state’s new governor, Bobby Jindal. He is the latest “reform governor,” and has made strengthened ethics laws a centerpiece of his legislative program. Good luck!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear John,
I just returned home to PA after spending a week in New Orleans. I must say I was impressed with the friendliness of the people and the atmosphere in general. I visited some great little shops and wonderful local eateries. I had every intention of returning again soon!
After about a week at home I noticed my credit card had almost $500 worth of charges I didn't make. Nice. While in your city I only used this credit card TWICE. Once at Southern Candy Makers on Decatur St the afternoon of Dec 13th and again at A Tisket A Tasket on Decatur St shortly after. So which one ripped me off and shopped like h*ell in Baton Rouge later that day? I'm thinking it was the woman who took my card twice- the second time she had me sit in a chair facing her cookbooks with my back to her as she processed my card. Dumb me.
This is the way a visitor gets treated by a New Orleans merchant? I would have rather been robbed in the street.
It shouldn't be hard to catch one of two people. I'll be back, hopefully in a courtroom somewhere, voodoo doll in hand.

10:55 PM  

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