Sunday, December 09, 2007

Need Some Feedback …

Note: Today's link is to an article about us in a Cincinnati newspaper. The picture is of Susan from our first snow of the season.

Do I seem to be obsessed with weather? My major concerns about living in the north are how well I can tolerate the cold, and whether I can drive (safely) on icy streets.

The first measurable snowfall of the season was last Tuesday. I was surprised by how quickly the streets cleared up and how “Norman Rockwell” our neighborhood looked. Any enjoyment of the scene was spoiled, however, by the need to scrape car windows.

I was afraid that the streets would be icy on Wednesday morning, but the drive to a meeting a few miles north was sure-footed and uneventful. My car has front-wheel drive and I think that helps.

On Thursday we had some dear friends visit. They also lost a house and most of their earthly possessions in Katrina, evacuated to Columbus, OH and stayed for a couple of years. This stop was on their way to their new home in Venice, FL. After all this time, Katrina was still a major topic of conversation. We also talked about friends who moved to new cities, one who stayed in New Orleans and has been robbed twice, and places we considered moving to before making our current choices.

On Friday we went to dinner at Wild Bill’s in Lebanon, OH. They had a few Cajun dishes although their execution left much to be desired. We joined some good friends we met through my volunteer work.

On another topic I need your input. I am at a loss as to where we are going with this blog. Should I change the emphasis to New Orleans expatriates living in Cincinnati? Should I make it a digest of New Orleans news gathered from various sources? Should I continue to include full or paraphrased articles that I found particularly interesting, punctuated by the occasional diary-type entry? Is there some other form we should take?

Next week’s column may be a bit late because we will be in New Orleans from Wednesday through the following Wednesday.

I look forward to your feedback.


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