Thursday, March 01, 2007

EXTRA: Boasso's Hat in the Ring ...

Press release from Boasso's camp:

MARCH 1, 2007


State Senator and candidate for governor Walter Boasso today sent a letter to 10,000 officials and community leaders throughout Louisiana announcing his intention to run for governor and seeking support.

Calling on current and former elected officials, Boasso asked for help in reforming state government through the support of his campaign.

"Louisiana is in trouble," Boasso wrote. "We must approach the future with a new and different set of ideas and personalities. The people who brought us to this point must be replaced by citizens who know how to get things done. The same old, same old hasn't worked, doesn't work, and won't work."

Boasso said he ran for Senate in 2003 to help revolutionize state government for the benefit of the citizens. "But the 'leaders' I found in Baton Rouge were not revolutionaries, but bureaucrats," Boasso wrote. "We the people must bring about the fundamental reform the people of Louisiana need, want, and deserve."

Boasso also unveiled his campaign theme, "Take Back Louisiana."

"I know this will be a rigorous, time-consuming, difficult task," Boasso wrote of the campaign and the necessary reforms in state government. "But I also know we cannot allow Louisiana to suffer as it has. The time for change is now. Our campaign will lead the way to replace the insiders with real people who have real ideas."

Boasso will formally kick off his campaign next Wednesday, March 7, with an announcement speech in Baton Rouge. A statewide tour will immediately follow.

Media contact: 1-888-926-2776 or 504-579-6385


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