Sunday, February 18, 2007

EXTRA: How about Cambridge?

From a couple of dear friends:

Dear Susan and John,

I read the depressing article in the NYT in which Susan is quoted:
"In Setback for New Orleans, Fed-Up Residents Give Up"

Very sad.

I recall back in June 2006 that John wrote: "Still, it is not about how many hurricanes hit, or how many times we have to evacuate. It is just waiting until about September 30, then measuring a collective reaction. Only then can we make decisions about staying, about whether or not to rebuild, and about where to live. Or, we may just leave the area, retire our hurricane supplies, and live someplace inland. Unfortunately, any other place will seem bland by comparison."

If you ARE thinking about a move, let me again make a pitch for Cambridge. It is a vibrant, academic community with many colleges and universities. Although stodgier than NO, there is still some entrepreneurial activity to entice John. Of course, the weather is not as balmy as NO.

People are both bright and (even more important) quirky. Extra bonuses (perhaps): Both of you could join my Men's Group (consisting of 5 men and one woman); I think John joined us once; there is even a staunch Republican in our group (who, since retiring, has devoted himself to improving math education in our public schools … and who would be thrilled if we could ever find another Republican to join our group); and the inventor of email (no, it is not Al Gore) is in the group.

You could join our Monday night movie group. Perhaps Susan would be interested in the (Tennis) Women's Shakespeare Reading Group; the women with whom we play tennis have been reading Shakespeare (and others) out loud for years and then occasionally invite their men to a pot luck dinner plus viewing of a video of the play that they have been reading.

Four weeks ago, I joined the Cambridge Great Books Group (something my parents did back in the 1950s) and it looks like it will be fun; my first session was a selection from Darwin, the second was the 4th book (Houyhnhmns) of Gulliver's Travels, the next one will be Beowulf.

Rents have plummeted from those prevailing in 2001. We hear that housing prices have also fallen. Just a thought.

And an interesting thought at that...


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