Sunday, August 06, 2006

Innsbruck Diary (6) ...

Last week was the last full week of classes here, so we are busy with grading papers and writing final exams. The consensus among the staff is that it is a relatively well-behaved group of students. The faculty, myself included, has found them to be pretty unresponsive. The quality of the work submitted has been rather low, except for the Innsbruck students.

On Friday we visited some friends in Seefeld, gaining a little altitude from Innsbruck to the beautiful ski resort. The return train trip, by one writer I saw, could be the most scenic in Europe.

We spent Saturday in Trento Italy, from the north the beginning of the Italian culture. Its major attractions are the underground Roman ruins, and a castle filled with art treasures.

The highlight of the weekend was seeing the "Iceman." The frozen remains of a 5,000 year old man are on display in Bolzano, Italy.


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