Sunday, July 09, 2006

Innsbruck Diary (2) …

On Sunday we had our first faculty meeting. It is an interesting and accomplished group, more senior than I would have guessed. A younger faculty member suggested that our salary just covers expenses. Teaching just for the pleasure of being in Innsbruck is less attractive to an early-career person still with student loans to pay off.

Sunday ended with an “Opening Ceremony” extravaganza, featuring a traditional (“oompah-pah”) band on our arrival, a string quartet during the ceremony, and a jazz band for the banquet. Susan did a great job emceeing the speechifying by various bigwigs.

Classes started Monday, and I think I am going to enjoy both of mine. There is some kind of rite of passage for the American students that they drink themselves sick in the first week of classes. At least I hope it gets better after this week.

Fourth of July is no big deal here. In the evening we did go to an art show of the works of UNO students. None of the artists were there, or I think they might have had some serious explaining to do.

We have neither a television nor an Internet connection at home. We have found a few hours each day, which now go to an afternoon coffee and pastry break, a leisurely cocktail time with Matt and Ross, a little reading, and an earlier bedtime.

Our first week of classes is over now. Most of the students have gone to Munich for the weekend, including Matt and Ross.

This weekend we will visit Berchtesgaden, site of Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest getaway. Professor Loch Johnson of the University of Georgia leads the group and adds perspective to the tour.


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