Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Back to Real Life ...

We are just back from a tour of southern Europe. Would you believe me if I told you it's good to be home? There's always a kernel of truth in that even though the trip was wonderful.

First, let us inspect the damages. Our house is fine, despite having boarded our 21 year old son and an assortment of friends for the last 2+ weeks. I would say without adult supervision, but I can't any more now that he is (legally, anyway) an adult. Our cars started first try, landscaping looks good, and generally New Orleans is still the way we left it.

The major damage was to my waistline. I gained 10 pounds in about 16 days, and before we started I was almost 10 pounds over my "fighting weight." The culprit was the cruise ship, or, more accurately, my inability to eat in my normally healthy way with an unlimited amount and variety of food available almost 24 hours a day. Susan was her usual moderate self, and held her pre-cruise weight.

We began the trip with three days in Barcelona. The main attraction there is, believe it or not, architecture. The work of Antonio Gaudi is on display on the streets of the city, and his La Sagrada Famiglia is world class.

This was followed by a 12-day cruise on the Mediterranean, with stops in Villefranch (FR), Livorno (IT), Rome, Naples, Greek islands Mykonos and Santorini, Athens, Dubrovnik (Croatia) and Venice.

The highlights were as we expected in planning the trip. In Rome we visited the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel on a day when the Pope was holding audience. At the Naples stop we toured Pompeii. In Athens we toured the Acropolis.

Unexpected pleasures included the liveliness and charm of the islands. Dubrovnik was an interesting medieval walled city, still largely unspoiled. We had been to Venice before, but this stop was still a highlight.

I hope I have made you sufficiently jealous. Your comments, feedback, and suggestions are, as always, most welcome.


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Blogger oyster said...

I'm sure jealous. Sounds like a wonderful trip.

Glad to have you back, though.

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