Monday, March 14, 2005

Manic Nation…

Bill Sardi asks, on his web site, whether we are all destined to become manic. A recent survey indicates that the mood swings of bipolar disorder may be far more prevalent than previously reported. More alarming is another study that indicates the entire U.S. population may be vulnerable to manic states over their lifetime.

Actually, manic states are part of a spectrum of mood swings that range from euphoria to depression. Those afflicted by bi-polar disorder can swing from one side (pole) to the other.

Oftentimes bipolar disorder is misdiagnosed. One of the problems with getting diagnosed with these symptoms is that a person may be subjected to life-long drug therapy which often is as problematic as bipolar disorder itself. There are over 100 drugs that are commonly prescribed for bipolar disorder. None of the approved drugs for bipolar disorder address the origin of the problem, they only mask the symptoms.

Only 6.5% of the adults diagnosed with bipolar disorder were on drug therapy in a recent study. Up to 70 percent of patients placed on antidepressants don’t fill their prescriptions. Modern medicine is obviously dissatisfied with current drug therapy for bipolar and depressive states.

In 1999 Harvard Medical School researchers reported that omega-3 fish oils work “in a manner similar to some drugs for bipolar disorder.” Over a four-month period, “Omega3 fatty acids were well tolerated and improved the short-term course of illness in this preliminary study of patients with bipolar disorder.”

Psychiatric researchers in New York found that seafood consumption is predictive of lifetime prevalence of bipolar disorder. Below 50 pounds of fish consumption per capita per year dramatically increases the risk for bipolar symptoms. US seafood consumption is only about 15 pounds per year!

Fresh fish is not commonly consumed in the home in the U.S.; more than 70% of fish consumption is in restaurants. Sales of fish oil supplements are rising rapidly with reports that it is a healthy type of fat.


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