Sunday, March 06, 2005

The Gang who often shoots less than straight…

The latest week on watch with New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin showed his administration tidying up some after the previous administration, while making a few moves that they will leave to the next administration to repair.

The week began with an article in the T-P summing up the recent parking meter deal with “Nagin's administration is paying 62 percent more for the space-age parking meters cropping up on downtown streets than it would have paid for similar meters proposed by another company, a review of bid documents shows.”

A later article by the TP suggested some weakness in the way parking meters were bid in the first place. “When Mayor Ray Nagin's administration sought proposals for high-tech parking meters, officials clearly weren't specific enough about what they wanted to see.”

Later in the week, T-P could proclaim “It's official. The Regional Transit Authority has handed over a $650,000 settlement check to its former consultant, Glenn Haydel, whom the agency has accused of systematically defrauding the transit system for nearly a decade.”

Administration’s relations with the City Council may be getting a bit strained. One example of their not apparently being on “the same page” relates to a law passed last summer by the Council. It was designed to crack down on people in the French Quarter and other neighborhoods who regularly rent rooms, apartments or houses to visitors by the night or week in violation of zoning laws and without paying hotel taxes or passing city inspections. The administration has yet to prosecute even one case.

One movement that all can get behind is the city’s "Imagine It Clean" anti-litter effort in conjunction with the state's "Zero Tolerance for Litter" campaign. "Litter isn't just ugly, it's also bad for our environment," Nagin said. "I encourage everyone to take part in building a cleaner, more beautiful city for all of us."


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