Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Protecting a Business During a Flood

A press release from Timothy M. Young,

A proposal entitled “Protecting a Business during a Flood”, has been developed that may be of interest to the businesses that are located within areas that are susceptible to flooding; such an area would include New Orleans. Including the title page, the table of contents and the cover letter, this proposal is approximately 18 pages.

The purpose of this proposal is to describe a structure that is to be placed at a business, which has a history of flooding; such flooding could be the result of a riverine flood, an estuarine flood or a coastal flood. This structure is to be used by the business prior to an event that might cause flooding (e.g. the failure of flood protection device, snowmelt or a storm surge).

The proposed structure is to serve as a source of protection for businesses, which are not limited to, building supply facilities that have outside material storage, automotive dealers and oil/fuel storage facilities that are in flood prone areas.

Please review the following webpage to learn more about obtaining this proposal:

I would like to thank the New Orleans Bulletin for its willingness to share this message with you, and also your willingness to review this message.


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