Thursday, January 12, 2006

City Council Opposes ...

January 11, 2006: Ed Reams of WDSU-TV in New Orleans reported on the City Council's opposition to the BNOB Commission's Rebuilding Plan.

Just minutes before the Bring New Orleans Back Commission unveiled its master plan to rebuild the city, the New Orleans City Council spoke out in opposition of the recommendations.

The Council has been fighting for the rights of residents and says the BNOB Commission's blueprint violates those rights.

"People want to come home and they want to come back. But if we're going to throw this monkey wrench, we should have done this four months ago ... they should not be saying come back as the mayor has said ...and we're thowing (sic) a monkey wrench (into?)this mess," said Councilman Jay Batt.

The City Council says all residents should be allowed to rebuild no matter which neighborhoods they live in.

"The sequential re-population has worked to a disadvantage for certain part of the city ... We as a united City Council will not accept a strategy or a vision of limitation. But we work for full restoration and inclusion and respect for all citizens," said Cynthia Willard Lewis, who represents New Orleans East.

Willard-Lewis said schools must be reopened in eastern New Orleans so that families can move back home.

The Council said questions about insurance and flood maps need to be answered first before redevelopment can begin. "We should be asking all of our people, 'What will it take to bring all of you home,'" said Jackie Clarkson, whose district includes the French Quarter and Algiers.

City Council members said people should not be forced to decide within a four-month period whether or not they want to or can rebuild.

The Council said the BNOB plan shows a lack of thought and consideration for the people who are waiting to return home.

Next time we'll look at something the Council supports. Let us know what you think about their priorities.


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Blogger Kinch said...

The City Council needs to decide what parts of the BNOB proposal that is supports. I heard the presentation and viewed the power point presentation on the internet.

Except for the four-month moritorium on building permits and a few other things, I though most of the ideas were pretty good.

Things like expanding the streetcar lines (though not as extensive)and a more limited light-rail are a possibility as long-term projects.

Some other proposals should not be objected to at all, such as rebuilding the public school system and the health-care facilities.

People need to take some time to digest the proposal and decide which parts they like and which parts they don't like. Only then can we really have a rebuilding plan that we all can agree upon.

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