Sunday, June 12, 2005

First ‘Reality Show’ on the Web ...

A little off topic today, but fun stuff:

"106 Hemingways" project invites the public to watch as 106 individuals from all walks of life create original e-books and launch electronic newsletters, available to the world.

Bonita Springs, Florida (PRWEB) June 10, 2005 -- Electronic publishing and marketing expert Alan R. Bechtold claims he can turn 106 people, from all walks of life, into "Hemingways" -- profitable published authors -- in six months' time. He's launched The E-Publishing Marketing Mastermind, which officially gets underway June 18, to make it happen.

Now he's inviting the world to watch.

So far, more than 50 "Future Hemingways" have signed up to join Bechtold in his quest. According to Alan, applications are pouring in daily, increasing in numbers as the launch date approaches.

"I'm absolutely confident I'll achieve my goal of 106 members before we begin," Bechtold said. "Then we'll move forward with my next goal -- 100 percent success for every member. And I'm inviting the public to watch our progress and get to know each of the group's members personally through updates on our Weblog (or Blog, as they've come to be known), making this the first true 'reality show' on the Web!"

The public can monitor the group's activities through frequent comments and updates from each of its members, including Bechtold, on an official "106 Hemingways" Weblog, located at An official "Future Hemingways" newsletter has also just been launched, and the public can subscribe for free, at, to receive updates in their "inboxes” as they happen.

Bechtold says he's certain of his ability to create successful published authors because he's teaching every member the same techniques he's employed. He's providing them with the same tools he's used to build a highly successful multi-million dollar electronic publishing career over the past 21 years.

"I've always been a publisher and author," Bechtold said. "The Internet makes it possible for anyone to publish a book and newsletter at little or no cost. These two things, when combined properly, will generate more customers and make more sales for any business, in any industry. They can even make money for people who have no business at all!"

Beginning June 18, members of Bechtold's group will meet on the telephone once each week for six months, to develop and launch their individual books and newsletters. A hands-on, live workshop in Tampa, Florida, September 30 through October 2, is included.

"When we've completed the process, the public will be invited to visit our online '106 Hemingways' bookstore, where they can download and read every book the members create, at no charge, then subscribe to their free newsletters," Bechtold said. "This is absolutely the most fascinating 'reality show' you could ever watch -- and everyone watching will benefit from the results when we're done!"

Complete details on Bechtold's "106 Hemingways" process and all the tools involved can be found at

Alan R. Bechtold is president and CEO of BBS Press Service, Inc., a company he founded in 1984, specializing in electronic marketing and publishing solutions for businesses of all sizes. Bechtold's simple three-step e-publishing system makes it easy for anyone, in any business – even people without a business yet – to tap the Internet and generate tremendous profits. Bechtold is currently available to the media for interviews, guest appearances and, for reference purposes, as a general Internet marketing and publishing media expert.


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