Friday, April 10, 2015

Police and Deadly Force

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adjective: Readily broken; breakable.
Did police use excessive force? 3 cases in the spotlight
(CNN) A man dies in police custody after a dog allegedly mauls him. A mentally ill man is shot dead after his family calls police asking for help. An officer shoots into a vehicle after a car chase, killing a man originally suspected of drunk driving.
As debate once again surges about whether police are using excessive force -- and whether race plays a role in how much force they use -- three recent cases from around the country are in the spotlight.
Details are still emerging about the incidents. In all three cases, which resulted in the deaths of African-American men, representatives of the officers involved have said they were physically threatened and acted appropriately.
Feidin Santana on S.C. shooting: I told them what they did was an abuse
(CNN) Feidin Santana, the man who recorded a South Carolina police officer fatally shooting a fleeing, unarmed man, told CNN on Thursday night he was told by another cop to stop using his phone to capture the incident.
"One of the officers told me to stop, but it was because I (said) to them that what they did it was an abuse and I witnessed everything," he told CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360˚."
Santana told Cooper an officer told him to wait where he was but eventually he left the scene to go to work.
In other interviews, Santana has said he feared for his life, which almost kept him from revealing the recording.
Do Police Use Deadly Force Too Often? (see New York Times discussion)
Some Opinions:
  • Police Shouldn’t Ask If a Shooting Is Justified, But If It’s Avoidable
  • Police Use of Deadly Force Is Rare, Scrutiny Has Risen
  • Walter Scott’s Death Should End Public’s Denial of Police Victimization of Blacks
  • No Way to Tell Without a National Database


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