Thursday, December 18, 2014

We're Back

On December 1 our belongings were packed into a moving van in Cincinnati on their way to New Orleans. We are now on the ground floor of a Lakeview apartment where noise from the second floor seems to be amplified.

We loved living in the Hyde Park section of Cincinnati, largely for its walkability and convenience. Lakeview is its nearest equivalent in New Orleans, better in walkability, but not near its convenience to services.

We are often asked why we moved, and our answer is fuzzy. New Orleans feels more like home, though we had a great life in Cincinnati. We have more friends here, but fewer of them are retired and available. We have flirted with moving back for years, and it was finally time to find out why.

We are only starting to "re-experience" NO. Moving trauma is entering its final phase and now we have a little time available to enjoy those things that NO does best.

Over the next few months we will have visitors from Denver, Ft. Wayne, and Cinci (two different couples). We will then get to see NO as tourists.

We wish you the best of the holidays.


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