Friday, November 14, 2014

Harry Reid shakes down Democrats to help Mary Landrieu

Excerpted from Politico:
By Burgess Everett, 11/12/14 7:16 PM EST

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is leaning on Democrats to give cash to help Sen. Mary Landrieu win a runoff race that will be critical if the party wants to reclaim the Senate in 2016 …

Landrieu is being badly outspent in her runoff election against GOP Rep. Bill Cassidy after Democrats lost the Senate, and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee slashed her broadcast and cable advertising budget last week. The advantage for Cassidy is stunning: By one estimate, Cassidy and his allies are airing 96 percent of the ads in the race right now, according to Bloomberg.

… some Democrats are questioning the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee’s retreat from the airwaves after regularly spending as much as $68,000 per week on individual television stations in Louisiana markets to benefit Landrieu, according to ad trackers.

But Landrieu defiantly said she’s not concerned with national Democrats’ or pollsters’ dim assessment of her prospects in a runoff against Cassidy in deep-red Louisiana, where she received 42 percent of the vote in the state’s jungle primary. “Having won two elections in runoffs like this, I wouldn’t count on me being a lost cause,” she said.

Still, Democrats are questioning the DSCC’s decision to cut nearly $2 million in advertising there last week. Several senators said they planned to make the case for investment in Landrieu at Thursday’s caucus lunch, which is the first since the election.

Some of her staunchest allies may be the dwindling number of centrist Democrats in the Senate who, like Landrieu, will be a key voting bloc in next year’s GOP Congress.

Manu Raju and John Bresnahan contributed to this report.


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