Sunday, January 25, 2009

Another visit to the homeland …

Since we have been living in Cincinnati, about the last year and a half, we still manage a few visits to New Orleans, our putative home, each year. We are in one of those visits now. (Pictured is a piece of outdoor art from a current exhibit in N.O., Prospect.1)

Our time in N.O. is not so seriously about the city, more about visiting our long-term friends. We have made some good friends in Cincinnati, but there is something special about seeing people you have known for 30 years or more.

We had planned to stay in a Ramada in Metairie, in the heart of the suburban action. Susan arrived five days before me, and the Ramada so depressed her that she moved in with my BFF Harold and wife Sue until I arrived. She said the room she checked into was dark, sterile, and not homey enough. She should join as a reviewer.

Susan picked me up at the airport as fully packed as I was, and we moved into our home away from home, with my brother Alan and his wife Mona, in Kenner. We are very comfortable here, but fear we may have imposed to the limit. We were here for a week in November, and as I recall, twice earlier in the year.

On my first full day here I had lunch with Harold. We call our get-togethers “sessions” because we tell all and it feels like therapy. Lunch was at Bozo’s, a popular seafood establishment in Metairie.

The next day we went to the North Shore to meet some friends of 30 years, Dava and Carole. From there we went to La Provence, a classy restaurant in the country. The food was outstanding as usual. For an added treat we chatted with Ronnie Kole, an accomplished local pianist, and he played a few of our requests.

On day three I visited with another dear friend of 40 years, Jerry N., at a nearby coffee shop. We talked for two-and-a-half hours without a pause. On day four I visited with another friend of 45 years, Jerry K.

Then Susan got sick and we canceled a few things. I’ll spare you the details of the last three days here, but wanted to characterize what a visit to N.O. is like.


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