Sunday, November 09, 2008

Ohio Congressional District 2 ...

News flash! Obama wins the presidential race. I suspect you have access to enough news on that topic, so we’ll move on to a more local race.

From WKRC-TV, Cincinnati:

Jean Schmidt Reclaims Ohio 2nd Congressional Seat

Video clip: Election 2008:
Schmidt Holds On To Ohio Congressional Seat

The first part of the clip is about the race; feel free to skip the local news thereafter.

From “Roll Call:”

Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-Ohio) bears the distinction of winning her seat with the lowest percentage. The occasionally controversial Congresswoman took 45 percent, although it should be noted that Schmidt faced conservative businessman David Krikorian, who ran as an Independent, as well as physician Victoria Wulsin (D, pictured) on Tuesday. Wulsin took 37 percent in the race while Krikorian garnered 18 percent. Last cycle, Schmidt beat Wulsin by a single point in a district President Bush carried with 64 percent in 2004.

Personal Observations:

Several times I drove Dr. “Vic” Wulsin to various events on the campaign trail. She is terrific as a “retail” campaigner, at stops that the campaign called “shake hands, kiss babies,” she won over just about every person to whom she spoke.

As her driver I got to know her fairly well. I was most taken with Vic’s character, love of family and commitment to public service. She leaves soon for Kenya to minister to people who have little access to medical care. On top of it all she is great company, with high energy and a charming wit.

On Election Day, we drove to visit at least one polling place in every county in her district. The district spans much of southern Ohio, from urban Cincinnati to Appalachia. This took 12+ hours, but she kept her cool throughout.

It was a great experience volunteering for Vic. She is easily of congressional caliber, and I am still puzzled over her loss. She came so close in 2006, and “Mean Jean” has not distinguished herself in office since. Vic did everything one can expect as a campaigner.

I think I’ll sit out political volunteering for a while.


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