Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Alaska Adventure, Part 1 …

The embarkation point for our cruise to Alaska was Vancouver. We met there with some good friends from Florida, Steve and Janice, and enjoyed a couple of days there before boarding the ship. One of the highlights of Vancouver was the Anthropology Museum; pictured is one of their pieces by Bill Reid, a favored artist in the area. On the news, the big story was John Edwards admitting to an affair.

After a day at sea, we visited Ketchikan. We took a best (?) of Ketchikan tour through a totem park and an old cannery. The show on board that evening was a comedic musician, who specializes in banjo but played other “instruments” such as a saw and a turkey baster.

The next day we visited Juneau, the state capitol. Sarah Palin had not yet been announced as McCain’s running mate or we might have tried to visit her.

Our excursion off the ship that day was a whale-watching expedition, soon to be dubbed the “Whale Encounter.” A pod of whales encircled our small boat and one even bumped it. We exchanged pictures by email with the group on board and some of them are on my MySpace page.

We also did some salmon-watching that day. Male salmon begin dying when they go from salt water to fresh water, where they spawn. By the time they spawn they have lost all color and look like barely more then carcasses. They die immediately after the spawn.

Next cruise stop was Skagway. We had a beautifully scenic ride an antique train. Back on bord the evening’s show was a comedian, who did a good job.

This was followed by two days of cruising. The first was in Glacier Bay, and the scenery was gorgeous. We also spotted a group of seals resting on a buoy.

The second day we toured the College Fjords area. Each fjord is named after a college, but I don’t know why. We also did a 5k walk for the Susan Komen Foundation.

More to come …


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