Sunday, October 26, 2008

Notes on DC ...

We are on the road, leaving DC today for Williamsburg, so today’s entry will be a short one.

The only variations from our pre-trip report are that we also took in the Spy Museum. I would recommend it only if you have time to spare. The Newseum and Holocaust Museum (pictured)are another story. I would put them in the must-see category.

The Newseum is basically a history museum from the viewpoint of the media. It is beautifully laid out and full of interesting stories and artifacts.

The Holocaust Museum tells the story of the Holocaust, from the rise of Hitler to the liberation of the concentration camps. We have seen the “Topology of Terror” museum in Berlin, the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam, and two concentration camps, but are still moved every time the story is told.

The World War II monument is impressive and gave our brains a rest. It is all to be seen with no descriptions of any events in the struggle. It is worth seeing. Also we plan to see the Pentagon memorial as we leave town.

These get us up to date on all the Washington museums and other attractions too new for us to have seen before. We also visited some friends for dinner in Old Town Arlington. We got around on the comfortable and convenient Metro. The only difficulty was figuring out the fare card machine.


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