Thursday, January 27, 2005

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On an item we reported on recently, PoliticsLA quotes the Public Affairs Research Council in a news item titled "PAR Says Don't Weaken Ethics Laws:"

"Rising ticket prices have prompted some legislators to complain about ethics laws that prohibit them from receiving tickets to sporting and cultural events valued above $100 per event (or $500 a year per donor). They complain that the current threshold prevents elected officials from receiving tickets to any but the cheapest seats. Such complaints are totally out of bounds, and no move to relax existing ethics laws should be made."

Gambit Weekly compares the current Governor to her immediate successor:

"The most notable change is in the area of economic development, which is Louisiana's most pressing need. Mike Foster wouldn't leave the Governor's Mansion (or the duck blind) for anything, except maybe to ride his motorcycle or to attend law school classes. He took the classical economic theory of laissez-faire to its most illogical extreme, and Louisiana suffered for it. Edwin Edwards' idea of economic development was finding ways to shake down casinos for himself, his family and his friends.

Compared to them, Blanco is a breath of fresh air. She has already lured several large companies to Louisiana, and she clearly is willing to travel anywhere to sell the virtues of doing business in this state. Her legislative push last year for tighter ethical standards was not as ambitious as some had hoped it would be, but at least it passed. Blanco also sends clear signals that she wants to abide by the spirit as well as the letter of the law."

Jeff Sadow, In his Between the Lines blog, gives a Shreveport perspective on the Saints:

"The fact is, as the governor has said, the Saints may have become a luxury the state can't afford. New Orleans is one of the smallest television markets in the NFL but let's let economics rule here. If we consider the state the Saints' market (and a number of Dallas Cowboy fans in northwest Louisiana would beg to differ), it might not be big enough to sustain them. Let them go to greener pastures if they feel they can; I won't root against them and I'd rather see the dollars spent on something like long-term health care."

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